Building Your Own Home  - How It Works

Custom Build house (completion 2018)
House in Stroud (completed 2015)
House in Stroud (completed 2015)
House by one of our architects
Kitchen at the Old Bakehouse Plots
Old Bakehouse Plots 2017

Custom Build

- what is it?

How it Works

Self Build and Custom Build are both concerned with the home-owner taking control and building a house which perfectly suits their individual needs, stepping away from the limitations of generic speculative developments. In Self Build the home-owner takes overall responsibility and initiates the plot finding, design and even the build themselves; this can be a daunting process for those without experience.

Custom Build uses the best parts from Self Build but takes the sweat out of it. You still control the making of your home - but we reduce the risk and get the hard work done by preparing the plot for building... 

1. You purchase land directly from the landowner
• Shared savings: cutting out the middle-men developers from the process, there is considerably more value left for you to build your home and for the Landowner to improve the setting. Landowners usually share a long-term interest in the land with you, which leads to more considerate long-term decision-making than you tend to get from developers.

2. Improved design and more choice
Custom Build places emphasis on the quality of home design with a sensitive approach to site and place-making. We help the Landowner provide you with build-ready plots including:
• Planning Permission - inspiring designs from top architects
• Design Code - allows you to adapt the designs within certain parameters without needing to go back to planning (unless you want to)
• Landscaping - carefully designed settings from sensitive landscape architects, so that even the wider context beyond your plot is just as considered as within your bounds. 

3. Facilitated construction to ease the building process:
• Services and Infrastructure - All utilities are pre-installed at the plot so it is ‘ready to build’
• Build - you can use you own contractor or choose between a selection of market-leading sustainable housing manufacturers (pre-priced and ready to hone the design and build to fit your own bespoke specification)


Our model puts you, the buyer back at the centre of the process. After all no one knows better than you, what your house should look like, and how it should work. Happy owners make for happy communities.