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Building communities

Custom Build may seem innovative but it's not a new idea - much of our Georgian and Victorian urban landscape was built this way - including the Royal Crescent in Bath. And our rural villages also grew and evolved like this. Land was purchased from landowners and houses were built as the need arose; providing the origins of sustainable development.

So rather than being a new invention, it’s the rediscovery of something we have always done. By reconnecting with this past, our rural communities can regain these lost elements:

• A sense of place: Buildings that reflect the area and people - a genuine contemporary vernacular - not a pastiche.

• A sense of achievement: Homes that their owners and their communities can be proud of building, creating a legacy for future generations.

• An organic evolution: As a result of this individual and organic process, the character of each home and neighbourhood evolves gradually in response to the needs of the owners, as always used to be the case. Leading to neighbourhoods of individuality and character, rather than monotonous estates...

With this rediscovery we can recalibrate housing and so improve the quality and affordability of our homes; bringing back a sense of belonging.

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Bath Royal Crescent